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"The Parasites will be purged."

— Andrew Ryan

Big Daddy is a character from the BioShock series and is a playable character in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. His in-game rival is Sackboy.



Genetically programmed to search for the ADAM essential to the social fabric (before the society in the city collapsed) of their undersea city, Little Sisters roam through the portals and tunnels of Rapture. Because the substance they extract from the recently fallen is so precious(due to its ability to genetically alter one’s genes), the girls are accompanied at all times by their rather intimidating, diving suit-clad protectors, the Big Daddies. With the Bouncer variant (and Alpha Series) armed with a deadly drill, possessing incredible strength, and capable of quick bursts of speed, the Big Daddies guard their charges seriously, making all who attempt to harm a Little Sister wish they hadn't.


  • BioShock
  • BioShock 2
  • BioShock Infinite
  • Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea
  • BioShock: The Collection



The story begins with a Bouncer (a variant of Big Daddy) and his Little Sister wandering the streets of the underwater city, Rapture, looking for ADAM. The Little Sister becomes impatient with the Bouncer for being too slow. As he catches up, she strangely finds a passage out of Rapture and continues on searching.

Big Daddy Intro.jpg

"Hurry, Mr. Bubbles! Hurry, before the others get here. We're close, Mr. Bubbles. 4, 5, 6, I find the ADAM quick. Where are you?! Hurry up! C'mon, Mr. B."


Name: Sackboy Icon Sackboy.png

Big Daddy vs Sackboy.jpg

Reason: While out searching for ADAM, the Bouncer and the Little Sister come across Sackboy, whom Little Sister admires for his cute and soft appearance. As Sackboy and Little Sister play jump-rope, Little Sister proclaims that she and Sackboy will never be separated by the likes of the Bouncer. Confused and enraged, the Bouncer revs up his drill, preparing to rip and tear the cloth-and-cotton intruder.


Little Sister: I wish I had some jellies. Come on Mr. B.

(Sackboy appears, very happy to see them.)

Little Sister: What's that?! This one still sees the sunshine!

(Sackboy uses Pop-It to make the strings from the cursor appear, then plays jump rope with Little Sister.)

Little Sister: Look, Mr. B! Jump, jump! No one needs to get hurt, no one! Unless we miss a skip!

(Strings shrinks out.)

Little Sister: I like you ever so much! So full of stuffing! He's my new friend, Mr. B! You'll never split us in two!

(The Bouncer revs up his drill, starting to get angry.)

Little Sister: Go back to your underswampy, Mr. B!

(The Bouncer lumbers towards Sackboy, enraged.)


After chasing away Sackboy and defeating Polygon Man, the Bouncer and the Little Sister forgive each other for their behavior towards one another and return to their underwater home. Although she is a bit sad that her new friend is gone, the Little Sister tends to move on. As she sings a little song, the Bouncer glows with Polygon Man's power, intending to not allow any Splicers to touch his little girl ever again.

Big Daddy Ending.jpg

"There's a land called Lillipoppi. And living there is a lillipop. I'll go there soon, Mr. Bubbles, and we'll search the place from tail to top. And if we find no TattleLamby, Maybe we'll dine on Ham and Jammy, If we can't find the Lillipop. Come ON, Mr. B! Some friends stay and some friends go...some friends we never see again... But we keep going on and on, don't we, Mr. B?"

Quotes and Taunts[]


  • Get 'Em Mr. B: The Big Daddy revs his drill twice.
  • Eat Drill: The Big Daddy turns his back and revs his drill.
  • You're Playing With Fire: The Big Daddy turns, holds his hand out, and creates fire.


Note: All quotes are said by Andrew Ryan, presumably by radio:

  • Prematch:
    • The Parasites will be punished.
    • The great...are not constrained by the small.
  • During Flood:
    • Remove them from my property or I'll burn it to the ground.
    • They are my enemies; you are my poison.
    • A few stretched necks are a small price to pay for our ideals.
    • Their only reward will be a knife in their backs.
    • A man chooses; a slave obeys.
    • They've had their fun! Now make them learn what it truly means to be our enemy!
    • As the Great Chain binds us, it tears the Parasite to pieces.
    • They did not earn Rapture...and they shall not have it.
    • You can kill me, but you'll never have my city.

Intros and Outros[]


  • Hurry, Mr. B: The Little Sister cowers in fear while Big Daddy motions for her to get behind him, which she promptly does, then revs his drill as the lights from his eight portholes turn red.
  • Mr. Bubbles: The Big Daddy takes on his iconic pose from the BioShock cover art.
  • Parasites Will Be Punished: The Big Daddy stalks slowly into view and revs his drill while roaring.
  • Yay, Mr. Bubbles: The Little Sister jumps around in front of the Big Daddy, cheering him on as he watches her.

Winning Screen[]

  • Fist Pump: The Big Daddy stands triumphantly and pumps his fist into the air.
  • Great Job Mr. B: The Big Daddy holds the Little Sister in his arm.
  • Neener Neener: The Big Daddy and the Little Sister taunt the losing players with glee.
  • You're Done!: The Big Daddy turns and revs his drill.

Losing Screen[]

  • If using Fist Pump: The Big Daddy staggers backwards and reverts to a calmed state.
  • If using Great Job Mr. B: The Big Daddy lies motionless on the ground, while the Little Sister mourns near his body.
  • If using Neener Neener: The Little Sister is shown crying with the Big Daddy nowhere to be seen.
  • If using You're Done!: The Big Daddy looks down at the ground with his arms hanging.

Result Screen[]

Win: Facing the screen with his drill revving, all while the light emulating from his portholes are green.

Lose: Looks to the side, with hand on his head, all while the light emulating from his portholes face are red.

Victory Music[]

Little Sister's Savior (Unlocked at rank 4) 

Enraptured (Unlocked at rank 45) 


Big Daddy Bouncer[]

The default appearance of the Big Daddy, taken from the most well-known Big Daddy type.

  • Default: dark green arms and legs.
  • Orange arms and legs. Appears to be based on the Rosie model.
  • Blue arms and legs. Resembles the Bouncer model seen in the Burial at Sea DLC for BioShock Infinite.
  • Purple arms and legs.


Big Daddy Plushy[]

Based on the doll seen in the AR game There's Something in the Sea and in BioShock 2. The costume is part of the preorder costume pack.

  • Default: white body, red tape.
  • Blue body, red tape.
  • Green body, lime tape.
  • Orange body, yellow tape.

Big daddypfinal.jpg

Big Daddy Rosie[]

The Rosie-type Big Daddy, unlocked at Level 10.

  • Default: orange suit, gray helmet.
  • Light green suit, brown helmet.
  • Green suit, gold helmet.
  • Blue suit, gray helmet.




  • Like Colonel Radec, the reason the Bouncer variant of Big Daddy was chosen to represent BioShock is because he is the franchise's most seen character, and he is also on the front of the game’s cover, making him easier to recognize than BioShock 1’s protagonist, Jack, who doesn’t talk and has more gruesome backstory.
  • The Big Daddy is one of four characters whose Level 3 Super can affect stages, the other three being DanteIsaac Clarke and Zeus.
  • The Big Daddy is the first third-party character to be revealed in the game.
  • The Big Daddy is also the third villain character added to the game, the first two being Sweet Tooth and Colonel Radec, though Big Daddies can be either neutral, like most Big Daddies are, though there are the mentally unstable Alpha series (who either went into a comma or become insane after losing their Little Sisters). However, only Subject Delta and Subject Sigma (two notable exceptions) had the ability to be heroes, due to Subject Delta never losing his Little Sister, Eleanor, even after 10 years, and Subject Sigma actually being a man by the name of Charles Milton Porter who was never bonded to a Little Sister to begin with, and was a morally just man.
  • The Big Daddy and the Little Sister are one of four characters to fight as a duo, the others being Jak and Daxter, Ratchet & Clank and Kat & Dusty, however, the Little Sister only appears during the intros, outros and the Level 1 Super. This is contradictory during the Story Mode, as the Little Sister sides with Sackboy during their rival cutscene, however, the Big Daddy is still able to attack him with her during his Level 1 Super.
  • A Little Sister and a Big Daddy were two of the many third-party characters to make a live-action appearance in the Long Live Play commercial.
  • The Big Daddy was announced at the Sony 2012 E3 press conference along with Nathan Drake.
  • The Jeremiah Lynch Doll was requested by Irrational Games to be one of the Big Daddy's alternate costumes.
  • Megaliths, enemies from the Ratchet & Clank game Secret Agent Clank, are visually similar to the Alpha-series versions of Big Daddies.


  • The Big Daddy and Sackboy are the only characters who lack a true voice actor. The Big Daddies have had surgery on their vocal cords that strip them of proper speech (causing them to moan and groan in a similar way to whales), and Sackboy doesn't talk at all. It could be noted that this could possibly be from Plasmid injections.
  • The Big Daddy is oddly capable of swimming in stages with water, when Big Daddies would normally sink due to their weight, as seen in various parts of BioShock 1 and BioShock 2.
  • The Big Daddy's Level 3 Super not only makes opponents swim, but also some background characters as well, such as the Patapon in Hades, the Chimeran soldiers in San Francisco, and Buzz in Dreamscape, along with other Big Daddies if one uses it.
  • The Big Daddy's portholes will change color depending on certain factors. If there are no opponents around, his eyes will be green, showing that he is content. If an opponent is near, his eyes will be yellow with alert. If he is attacking or being attacked, his eyes will be red with anger.
  • In BioShock, green lights are only seen on Big Daddy's affected by the Hypnotize Big Daddy Plasmid, and when affected by the Hypnotize 3 Plasmid in BioShock 2.
  • One of the Big Daddy's losing screens shows him lying on the ground with a Little Sister mourning for him, similar to what happens when a Big Daddy is killed in BioShock 1 and BioShock 2. This makes him and Isaac the only two characters with losing outros that imply that they might've been killed, though despite this, the Big Daddy will always be shown alive and defeated at the results screen.
  • The Big Daddy's Background in the main menu is underwater, possibly in Rapture.
  • The Big Daddy and Nathan Drake are the only characters who don't have a PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale character trailer.
  • The Big Daddy was originally the slowest, though biggest and most powerful character in the game, though as of the DLC that was added, he is second in power, size, and comprehensively slow speed to Zeus.
  • The Big Daddy is one of four characters whose face is never shown, the others being Sweet ToothRadec, and Isaac Clarke. The Bouncer type of Big Daddies are incapable of removing their suits, due to their skin and organs being grafted into the suit, so this is why you cannot see their faces, all while the Alpha-series versions are an exception.
  • The Big Daddy is the only character whose story never mentions events outside of his world, with him and the Little Sister simply venturing in Rapture in both the intro and ending.
  • Depending on what color the Big Daddy is using, the Little Sister's dress will change colors and even style. He is one of two characters with someone that assists in battle that can also change their appearance, the other being Fat Princess.
  • The Big Daddy’s slam throw is possibly a reference to how a Bouncer kills Dr. Yi Suchong in Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea: Part 2 (By slamming him into a desk and impaling him with a drill). However, during Slam, Big daddy does not use his drill.


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