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BioShock is an action-adventure horror first person shooter series developed by Irrational Games.

Series description[]

The game takes place in the fictional underwater city of Rapture as well as the airborne city of Columbia. Built in the late fully in the early 50’s by business tycoon Andrew Ryan, Rapture was meant to be a laissez-faire utopia for humanity's elite to work, live, and prosper out of the increasingly oppressive hands of the world's governments and authorities. Sadly for Ryan, there were many individuals who put a monkey wrench in his plans for the city, such as the influential Sofia Lamb and the con man criminal who would soon be his rival named Frank Fontaine, to the point where it drove him to hypocrisy and corruption, all over his ego, as he made a “cathedral for the worshipping of himself”. Over the years, The Civil War ravaged Rapture and resulted in the insanity of the masses and the creation of many humanoid horrors, such as Splicers who try to kill genetically modified girls who had been implanted with a chemical called ADAM, and these little girls are called Little Sisters. This lead to them make the Protector Program, having them make heavily spliced men become Big Daddies to come in to protect them from harm.

BioShock is best known for the city of Rapture, and plasmids, genetic alterations that mutate the user in order to give them seemingly supernatural abilities, like the ability to light a fire with a snap of one's fingers, and turning the user's body into a colony of bees, as well as the power to stun people with Electro Bolt, or put up decoys with Target Dummy, and even freeze enemies with Winter Blast and launch them high with a Cyclone Trap. It is also known for its old-school gameplay with using your environment to your advantage, and hacking equipment has never felt so awesome in a game like this. It is an “immersive simulation”-style game with many more things to do than your traditional first person shooter, with many twists and a very unique story.

Connection With All-Stars[]

  • The Bouncer variant of the Big Daddy, the icon of the series, is a playable character.
  • The Little Sisters appear as part of the Big Daddy's moveset, namely its first Level Super Move.
  • The Little Sister also appears as a minion.
  • Plasmids are also a big part of the Big Daddy's moveset, which fits well with how versatile of a character he is.
  • Andrew Ryan, a major antagonist in the BioShock series, is heard giving orders to Big Daddy through Audio Diaries at the beginning of every match.
  • The Songbird, the Handyman, and the Vox Populi appeared on the Stowaways stage, where they cause trouble outside the plane.
  • Murder of Crows is an item in the game.
  • Columbia appears in the background of the Stowaways stage. It also appears as another one of the playable stages, which has a mash up between BioShock Infinite and Twisted Metal.



  • BioShock was the first third-party franchise confirmed to be represented in All-Stars.
  • BioShock is the third-party franchise with the most representation in the game, having a playable character, being represented in two stages, having an item and a minion.
    • This is the only third-party franchise that has an item, and one of the two that are represented in at least one stage, the other being Metal Gear.
    • This is quite ironic, considering that BioShock is the franchise with the loosest connection to the PlayStation, as it started as an Xbox exclusive.
    • Bioshock was inspired by a book by Ayn Rand called Atlas Shrugged.


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