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Boss Arena is a stage in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale that is original to the game, based on the entire PlayStation brand. It is only available in Arcade Mode.

Stage Description[]

The Boss Arena is home to Polygon Man, and serves as a physical representation of the PlayStation brand in general. It is composed of a large platform made of blue polygonal pillars that floats through a dark space where PlayStation's XMB waves and button icons fly throughout the background. There are also purple crystals in the background. As the name suggests, this is where players battle the final boss.

Polygon Man serves as the stage hazard, summoning "polygon clones" of the All-Stars for the selected character to fight. After the clones have been defeated, he will slam into the stage, allowing himself to be attacked. Polygon Man also transforms into the other stage hazards, such as Hades and Turbo Cannons to attack the character.

Characters Appearing in Stage[]


The track for Boss arena is an all new track created for Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Polygon Man Theme (Playstation)


Polygon Man (DEMO) - PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Music

Demo version of the music in the battle against Polygon Man.


Phase 1 

Phase 2 

Phase 3 

Vulnerable Transition 

Vulnerable 1 

Vulnerable 2 




  • Boss Arena is one of two stages to contain a mash-up of more than two franchises (the other being Time Station), with a total of eight, causing it to have more mash-ups then any other stage.
  • Boss Arena is the only stage to feature hazards from other stages.
  • Boss Arena is also used as the setting for the rival fights that occur right before the Polygon Man battle.
  • Boss Arena is the only stage that can be played exclusively in arcade mode.
  • If Polygon Man transforms into the Iron Maiden, he'll smash the stage like she does in Columbia, causing the stage to become narrower in appearance, though this has no effect on the stage gameplay-wise.
  • This stage is the exact replical or in fact the Rival Arena itself, but hosts Polygon Man, which is why it was renamed into Boss Arena.
  • Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper, Metal Gear, Buzz!, WipEout, Killzone and BioShock are the only franchises with hazards that doesn't appear in the stage.
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