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"Kill... or be killed."

— Colonel Radec

Colonel Mael Radec, or simply known as either Colonel Radec, or Radec, is a character from the Killzone series. He is the secondary antagonist of Killzone 2 and is a playable character in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.[1] Radec's in-game rival is Sir Daniel.



Colonel Mael Radec is a brilliant tactician who leads his troops from the front. His unwavering focus on victory at any cost has made the conquest of Helghast a formidable task for the ISA. He brings that same ruthlessness to personal combat, where he is the human personification of a shark, all of his training focused to a singular purpose: the destruction of his enemy.[2]


  • Killzone: Mercenary (Mentioned)
  • Killzone 2
  • Killzone 3 (Opening)



Colonel Radec Opening

Colonel Radec's opening

Colonel Radec talks about the balance of power as he oversees the battle between the ISA and Helghan Army. As the war rages on, Radec acknowledges formidable opponents beyond planet Helghan. Radec takes it upon himself to seek and eliminate all possible threats to his home planet.

"Power. All Men crave it. Some fight for it tooth and nail...never understanding the struggle to hold it only leads to it slipping through the fingers. Power always finds its way to me, and always when it is most needed. Now, for example. Helghan is under assault by the ISA, an invasion which threatens our very existence. while beyond this planet and the warships massing above it, there are rumors of even more...formidable opponents. A weak man might wait for those who oppose him to reveal themselves. Luckily enough for Helghan, I am not a weak man. No. I will find those who seek to do us harm. I will find them, and I will show them what true power looks like!"

— Radec's monologue.



Name: Sir Daniel Fortesque Icon SirDaniel

Reason: While Radec is alone in his thoughts, Sir Daniel comes up behind him, looking for Zarok. Radec asks for his identity, but cannot understand Sir Dan's mumblings. Radec instead challenges the skeletal soldier to a duel, hoping for a more entertaining diversion.


Colonel Radec: I'm afraid my search for a worthy opponent may have been in vain. If this is the true threat to the Helghast, we have nothing to worry about.

(Sir Daniel appears.)

Colonel Radec: One side. I have work to do.

Sir Daniel Fortesque: Which way to the evil Wizard?

Colonel Radec: Speak clearly.

Sir Daniel Fortesque: I'm trying to find the evil Wizard!

Colonel Radec: You should have moved when you had the chance. Now, are you going to stand there mumbling, or do you know how to use that sword?

(Radec draws his Army Knife as Sir Daniel looks at his sword and shield.)

Colonel Radec: Good. Let's hope this provides more than a momentary diversion, though somehow I think it won't!


Colonel Radec Ending

Colonel Radec's ending

Radec considered the warriors that he faced were worthy of his talents, but none were his equal. He then notices the entire diversion did not cease the ISA's infiltration in Helghan. Thus, he devotes himself to bring order to Helghan, provide strong leadership and protection more than ever. He also assures that if anyone misjudges how much power he holds, the results could be fatal.

"The warriors I've encountered were among the most worthy of my talents. It's almost a pity none were my equal, though not unexpected. Unfortunately, this diversion has done little to stem the flow of ISA forces to Helghan. My planet needs leadership now more than ever. Strong leadership, bringing order to Helghan while protecting it from outside forces. Leadership born of respect. And respect, of course, is born of power. And if the people of Helghan and the ISA invaders think they know the power I carry, they're wrong. And being wrong in this case will cost them, dearly."

— Radec's monologue.

Quotes and TauntsEdit


  • Death To You: Salutes and says "Death to you!".
  • Knife Skills: Flips his knife and says "You lack skill."
  • Now You See Me...: Cloaks and says "Find the target!"


PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Radec from Killzone Voice Over

PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Radec from Killzone Voice Over

  • Character Selection:
    • "As you wish."
    • "Let us meet in combat!"
    • "I will slaughter them all!"
  • Pre-match
    • "This battlefield will do."
    • "Kill... or be killed."
  • Item Pick-up
    • "Primitive... but effective."
    • "Interesting..."
    • "This weapon will perform adequately."
    • "Weapon retrieved."
    • "This will do."
    • "Adequate."
  • Using Level 1:
    • "I'm finished with you!"
  • Using Level 2:
    • "Time to end this!"
  • Using Level 3:
    • "Expect no mercy!"
  • Successful KO:
    • "You lack skill."
    • "You are no soldier."
    • "Die, scum!"
    • "You will be forgotten."
    • "Farewell, scum!"
    • "Kill or be killed."
    • "It's not personal."
    • "Didn't I kill all of you yet?"
    • "Eliminated."
    • "Meet your maker!"
    • "This will be a day of mourning."
    • "Death to you."
    • "You are no match."
    • "Body count!"
    • "Destiny awaits you."
    • "Show no mercy."
    • "Expect no mercy!"
  • Respawn:
    • "I'm not a very patient man."
    • "Now, it begins."
    • "Victory... or defeat!"
    • "Onward to victory!"
    • "Let us begin."
    • "Prepare for combat!"
    • "Prepare to do battle."
    • "Targets acquired."
  • Unused lines
    • Let's make them pay.
    • The essence of combat: kill or be killed.
    • The essence of combat: victory above all.

Intros and OutrosEdit


  • This Battlefield Will Do: Radec deactivates his invisibility cloak, checks his gun, and says "This battlefield will do."
  • Leave No One Standing: Radec shoots with his machine gun from side-to-side.
  • Show No Mercy: Radec vaults over a wall under heavy gunfire.
  • Death to You: Radec has his back turned, turns and points his gun to the camera, and says, "Kill...or be killed."

Winning ScreenEdit

  • Victory: Radec does a Helghast salute.
  • Decimated: Radec points his gun into the air and fires rapidly.
  • Targets Dispatched: Radec holds two fingers to his ear as if he's receiving a radio transmission.
  • The Mission is Won: Radec takes out his pistol and points it at the camera.

Losing ScreenEdit

  • If using Victory: Radec slams his fist into the ground.
  • If using Decimated: Radec frantically looks around.
  • If using Targets Dispatched: Radec holds up his shotgun pistol while lying on his back in a last-stand position (this is a reference to his final boss battle in Killzone 2 where Radec Kills himself with his pistol after getting defeated, but in this game, he doesn't kill himself).
  • If using The Mission is Won: Radec rises from a kneeled position and quickly activates his cloak.

Result ScreenEdit

Win: Looks at the screen with arm in the air in victory.

Lose: Looks down.

Victory MusicEdit

Enemy Destroyed (unlocked at rank 4)
Victory - Colonel Radec A (Enemy Destroyed)
  Rise of the Helghast (unlocked at rank 45) 
Victory - Colonel Radec B (Rise of the Helghast)


Helghan UniformEdit

The Helghast Army colonel uniform of Radec.


  • Radec's look in Killzone 2.
  • White armor similar to the Helghast troops in the snowy mountains in Killzone: Liberation.
  • Red armor similar to the Krimzon Guards of the Jak series.
  • Yellow armor similar to the Elite Krimzon Guards of the Jak series.

StA-X6 JetpackEdit

Radec wears the Killzone 3 jetpack over his uniform. This costume is part of the preorder costume pack.

  • Default: black trim
  • White trim
  • Red trim
  • Yellow trim

Elite Shock TrooperEdit

Radec assumes the appearance of a Capture Trooper from Killzone 3. This costume is unlocked at Rank 10.

  • Default color: white body armor
  • Blue body armor
  • Red body armor
  • Green body armor


  • Mael Radec
  • Alternate color schemes for Radec's initial custume
  • Colonel Radec's Introduction
  • Colonel Radec fires his Flamethrower
  • Colonel Radec aims his Sniper Rifle
  • Colonel Radec fires his Shotgun
  • Colonel Radec's Level 1 Super Move
  • Colonel Radec's Level 2 Super Move
  • Colonel Radec's Level 3 Super Move
  • Colonel Radec's Level 3 Super Move
  • Red Radec
  • Sir Daniel Fortesque rivalry in the intro
  • in the intro
  • Sir Daniel rivalry
  • The trophy icon for finishing Arcade Mode with Radec
  • The trophy icon for using Radec's level 3 on Invasion Stage.

Concept Art By Sunni HanEdit



  • SuperBot explained that Radec was chosen to represent the Killzone series over any of the main characters because the Helghast, the villains of the series that Radec belongs to, are often seen as the face of the franchise.
    • Despite his main appearance being from Killzone 2, he is mentioned in Killzone: Mercenary, and has a cameo in the opening of Killzone 3.
  • Radec is one of the eight characters alongside Jak and DaxterRatchet and Clank, Sweet ToothNathan Drake, DanteEmmett Graves and Isaac Clarke to use firearms.
  • Radec is one of three characters who's Level 3 Super Move goes into first-person mode, the others being Sly Cooper and Ratchet & Clank.
  • Colonel Radec and Fat Princess are the only characters that had never been a playable character until the creation of this game.
  • Along with Sweet Tooth, Colonel Radec was the first confirmed playable villain character to be revealed by SuperBot.
  • Radec is one of the seven first-party characters who started on the PlayStation 3, the others being Cole MacGrath/Evil Cole, Fat Princess, Nariko, Nathan Drake, Emmett Graves, and Sackboy.
  • Despite Mael Radec being his full name, only Radec is written on the character select screen.
  • In the game's opening, his eyes glow.
  • His main menu background is a blizzard or snowstorm.
  • Radec is one of five characters that dies in the game series they come from, the others being Cole MacGrathNarikoSweet Tooth and Zeus.
  • A Helghast soldier, based on Radec's appearance, appears as an alternate skin in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves' multiplayer. In Uncharted 3, a Capture Trooper and Helghast helmet appear as well. This makes Radec the third character to have previously been connected with Uncharted, the others being Cole MacGrath and Jak and Daxter.
  • A Helghast Assault and Helghast Scout appear in Lost Planet 2 for the PS3. 
  • Krimzon Guard and Elite
    Radec's third and fourth colors for Helghan Armor and StA-X6 Jetpack bear remarkable resemblance to the Krimzon Guard and Elite Guard soldiers of the Jak and Daxter series.
  • Radecs losing screen in which he lies on the ground with his gun in his hand is most likely referring to the end of Killzone 2 in which Radec commits suicide after Sev and Rico defeat him.
    • In this game, he doesn't kill himself, since he is shown alive and defeated at the result screen.
  • Radec is one of four characters whose face is never shown, the others being Sweet Tooth, Big Daddy, and Isaac Clarke.
  • Radec is voiced by Sean Pertwee, who is the son of Jon Pertwee. Jon played as the Third Doctor from the original classic Doctor Who series.


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