Columbia is a floating city and the main setting in BioShock Infinite, as well as a stage that appears in PSASBR. It is a mash-up between BioShock and Twisted Metal.

There is a trophy available if Big Daddy uses his Level 3 Super Move, Flood, on this stage.


It involves the players fighting on a platform in the floating city of Columbia. After some time passes, Dollface, as Iron Maiden, attacks the city, and eventually the players. Areas of the stage that she is about to shoot will be highlighted purple, and any players hit will lose AP. The Vox Populi also appear in the background, grinding down Sky-Lines.

Characters appearing in stageEdit


Columbia - BioShock Edit

First phase is a remixed version of The Battle For Columbia - III from BioShock Infinite, except it's tuned to be D# Minor. 
Columbia - BioShock

Columbia - Twisted Metal Edit

The second phase is a remix of "Twisted Metal Theme", the intro song of Twisted Metal (2012).

Columbia - Twisted Metal


  • Columbia also appears in the background of Stowaways.
  • This is the only stage to have a third party franchise as the primary representation.
  • This is the only stage from a game that has been released a few months after PlayStation All-Stars.
  • Unlike most stages, the scenery doesn't majorly change when the second representation takes hold.
  • When Big Daddy uses his Level 3 Super and the stage is completely under water, you see two Vox Populi members are swimming in the background if the Super is used early. Later when Iron Maiden has appeared you will see her face in the background instead.
  • The large portrait of Zachary Hale Comstock is actually the version featured in BioShock Infinite: 15 Minutes of Gameplay trailer . The current version of Comstock is much older with a beard and white hair, due to being prematurely aged from exposure to the Trans-Dimensional Device.
  • The mashup timing for this stage is rather weird - sometimes the mash-up can happen instantly or, more rarely, not happen at all. In a normal timed match (3 minutes), the mash-up will happen when there is around 1:55 left on the clock.
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