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DLC is purchaseable content downloadable from the PlayStation Network that can be used in the game. The first costume DLC that was revealed were the pre-order costumes, while the first character DLC included the playable characters Kat & Dusty from Gravity Rush and Emmett Graves from Starhawk. Isaac Clarke from Dead Space and Zeus from God of War have been confirmed as the March DLC. On August 2, Santa Monica confirmed that there will be no more DLC characters or stages due to the end of the support to the game, cutting other DLC that were in the works. The unreleased costumes have been released for free.


Overtime! Pack[]

Characters Release Cost
Katt.png  Emmettt.pngKatt2.png  Emmettt2.png February 12, 2013

$4.99 (Was free within first two weeks of release)

Second Overtime![]

Characters Release Cost
Isaact.png  Zeus.pngIsaact2.png  Zeustt2.png March 19, 2013

$4.99 (Free with the purchase of God of War: Ascension)


Stage Series Release Cost



Heavenly Sword/WipEout February 12, 2013 $1.99

The Graveyard


MediEvil/The Unfinished Swan March 19, 2013 $1.99
Gravity Rush/Journey stage Gravity Rush/Journey Canceled N/A

Characters and Stages[]

Characters and Stages are also available in bundles.

Appearance Characters/Stage Price
Kat & Dusty
Emmett Graves
March Bundle.jpg
Isaac Clarke
The Graveyard


Each costume pack comes with four costumes. They are all priced at $4.99. The Super Pack, which comes with all previous packs is priced at $14.99 and the Pre-order Pack was only attainable via pre-ordering. In addition to this, each costume is available individually, priced at $1.99 each with the exception of the four third-party characters which were only ever available via the Pre-order Pack.

Pre-order Pack Costumes[]

Character Costume Appearance Costume Pack
Big Daddy Big Daddy Plushy Avatar big daddy 2.png Heavy Hitter Pack
Cole MacGrath Kessler Costume PSASBR Cole Pre-Order.png

Heroes Pack

Colonel Radec StA-X6 Jetpack Avatar colonel radec 2.png Bad Dudes
Dante Jacketless Dante PSASBR Dante Pre-Order.png Heavy Hitter Pack
Evil Cole MacGrath Evil Among Thieves PSASBR Evil Cole Pre-order.png Bad Dudes
Fat Princess Pirate Avatar fat princess 2.png Fun Pack
Heihachi Mishima Mishima Coat Avatar heihachi mishima 2.png Heavy Hitter Pack
Jak and Daxter Old World Jak PSASBR Jak Pre-Order.png Classic Pack
Kratos Deimos Costume Avatar kratos 2.png Bad Dudes
Nariko Athena Nariko PSASBR Nariko Pre-Order.png Fun Pack
Nathan Drake Winter Drake Avatar nathan drake 2.png Heroes Pack
PaRappa Funky Astro Suit Avatar parappa 2.png Fun Pack
Raiden Blue Raiden PSASBR Raiden Pre-Order.png Heavy Hitter Pack
Ratchet & Clank Tetrafiber Armor PSASBR Ratchet Pre-Order.png Classic Pack
Sackboy Sackgirl PSASBR Sackboy Pre-Order.png Heroes Pack
Sir Daniel Fortesque Golden Armour PSASBR Sir Dan Pre-Order.png Heroes Pack
Sly Cooper Archer Avatar sly cooper 2.png Classic Pack
Spike Special Event Suit PSASBR Spike Pre-Order.png Classic Pack
Sweet Tooth Outcast Sweet Tooth Avatar sweet tooth 2.png Bad Dudes
Toro Inoue Bistro Toro Avatar toro inoue 2.png Fun Pack

Costume packs[]

Picture Contents Price
Classic pack


  • Old World Jak
  • Special Event Suit
  • Terafiber Armor
  • Archer Costume
Fun Pack


  • Athena Nariko
  • Bistro Toro
  • Pirate Princess
  • Funky Astro Suit
Heroes Pack


  • Kessler
  • Sackgirl
  • Golden Armour
  • Winter Drake
Super Pack


  • Deimos
  • STA-X6 Jetpack
  • Outcast Sweet Tooth
  • Evil Among Thieves
  • Old World Jak
  • Special Event Suit
  • Terafiber Armor
  • Archer Costume
  • Athena Nariko
  • Bistro Toro
  • Pirate Princess
  • Funky Astro Suit
  • Kessler
  • Sackgirl
  • Golden Armour
  • Winter Drake

Gotta Believe in Bladed Rift Thieves Pack Pack2.png

  • Warrior of Apollo
  • Jailbird Sly
  • Outlaw
  • Prom Suit PaRappa

Fortune Kat Cake Sack Pack


  • Deep Sea Nathan Drake
  • The Dark Kat
  • Wrestler Sackboy
  • Ninja Princess

Bad Dudes Pack Costumes[]

  • Deimos
  • STA-X6 Jetpack
  • Outcast Sweet Tooth
  • Evil Among Thieves

Heavy Hitter Pack Costumes[]

  • Blue Raiden
  • Big Daddy Plushy
  • Mishima Coat
  • Jacketless Dante

Zeus and Isaac Clarke Pack[]

The name of this costume pack is currently unknown. They will be available for free with a balance patch sometime later this year.

  • Young Zeus
  • Elite Advanced Suit


Additional Minions can be added as DLC. They are $0.49 each and available in Super Minions Packs for $4.99.

Super Minion pack 1


  1. Ashelin Praxis
  2. Buzz
  3. Carmelita Fox
  4. Colossus of Rhodes
  5. Elena Fisher
  6. Eucadian Soldier
  7. Kuro
  8. Lil
  9. Logan Graves
  10. Lucy Kuo
  11. Mr. Grimm
  12. Ninja
  13. Pirate
  14. Polyphemus
  15. Rico
  16. Suzuki
  17. The Professor
  18. Visari

Super Minion pack 2


  1. Alias
  2. Alister Azimuth
  3. Bakuki
  4. Chloe Frazer
  5. Count Veger
  6. Hades
  7. Jasmine
  8. Mooselini
  9. Nathan the Koala
  10. Nevi
  11. Preacher
  12. Specter
  13. Syd
  14. Torn
  15. Young Drake
  16. Yunica
  17. Zarok
  18. Zoni


  • The costumes for third-party characters have not been released outside of the special Pre-Order pack. However, it has been recently confirmed that they will be released for free on August 27, 2013.
    • This also occurs with the Dynamic Themes, with both third-party characters and the DLC characters. Dante, Raiden, Big Daddy, Heihachi Mishima, Kat & Dusty, Emmett Graves, Zeus, and Isaac Clarke do not have PS3 themes.
  • The Archer Costume is part of the Classic Pack, despite making its appearance in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, the newest installment of the series.
  • An interesting note is that in the Minions DLC, there are both multiple Minions from a single franchise, and Minions from franchises that have no playable representative. They are $0.49 each on the PS Store.
  • Whenever the date comes for the DLC characters, and also a new stage, an update is required.
  • Due to Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA)'s break-up with Superbot Entertainment on February 4, 2013, all the future DLC was to be handled by SCE Santa Monica Studio.
  • Calypso was tweeted to be a DLC in PSASBR by Sony Santa Monica, however Santa Monica denied it.
  • The Gravity Rush stage was confirmed by lead animator Michael Ha in GEEK magazine, and images were released online that revealed that the stage would crossover with Journey.
    • However, Santa Monica confirmed that they have no plans to release addtional stages.
  • The Elite Advanced Suit and Young Zeus were previously only availabe through a glitch. Santa Monica announced that they will be released later this year with a balance patch, available at no cost.
  • Dart Feld from The Legend of Dragoon and Shadow from Sonic The Hedgehog were originally going to be DLC by Sony Santa Monta. It is unknown why they were scrapped, although Seth Killian has stated that Dart never made it past the artwork stage.
  • Knack was shown to be in PlayStation All-Stars as DLC, but was scrapped, the Knack Reveal Trailer was uploaded on YouTube, but has since been deleted.

    The scrapped Dart model

The scrapped Shadow model


PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale - Knack DLC Character Reveal Trailer - HD

The cancelled Knack reveal trailer