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Doom Box ft. PaRappa!!!
Used by Parappa
Super Level Lvl3.png
Type Sdfg.png

Doom Box ft. PaRappa!!! (also named I Gotta Believe! or Cool Mode) is Parappa's Level 3 Super in which he raps a song. The Super appears itself as a cinematic where PaRappa enters Cool Mode and finds himself on a stage performing to characters from his home series. When the cinematic finishes, all opponents are eliminated no matter where they are or how far away they were from PaRappa when this Super is activated.


The song that plays during the Super is a small part of I Gotta Believe!, the Stage 6 (Final Stage) song from the original PaRappa the Rapper.

Crowd: You gotta do what?

PaRappa: I gotta redeem!

Crowd: Sure about that??

PaRappa: I gotta relieve!

Crowd: You gotta do what?

PaRappa: I gotta receive!

Crowd: But most important?

PaRappa: I gotta Believe!


  • The Super references the gameplay of PaRappa the Rapper. This is evidenced in that the cinematic has the HUD from the original game. If PaRappa is able to deviate from his teacher while keeping to the beat enough times, he'll enter Cool Mode which allows him to score more points. More often than not, when that happens, the scenario drastically changes to further accentuate how well PaRappa is doing in the stage.
    • However, in Cool Mode, PaRappa had to freestyle for points in order to keep up the Cool rating.
  • Some of PaRappa's dance moves are similar to the ones in the anime's second opening.
  • The dance pad he's standing on has the face buttons on a PlayStation controller, similar to the American box art for PaRappa the Rapper 2.
  • The Rating differs according to the number of players appeared in the match. The rating indicates as GOOD if there are only 1-2 players in the match, and COOL if 3-4 players are present.
  • This was the first screen clearing super to be revealed.
  • As this Super uses audio from the original game, PaRappa's voice is noticeably different from his voice in-game.
  • This and RYNO V are the only Supers whose music is marked as a sound effect, as such, they are mute if sound effects are Off but music is On.
  • No matter what language you made it in, the lyrics are still in English, just like in the PaRappa games.
  • The characters in the crowd are Joe Chin, PJ Berri, Chop Chop Master Onion, Sunny Funny, Lammy, Katy Kat, Ma-San, Colonel Noodle and MC King Kong Mushi.
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