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Used by Big Daddy
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Flood is the Big Daddy's Level 3 Super in which he floods the screen causing the enemies to float around. During the duration of the super, Andrew Ryan will say a quote at the beginning of the super.



The move is original to PlayStation All-Stars, but it's supposedly derived from the watery flooding and wet interments in BioShock 2, where the player must move through deep water interments in the underwater city of Rapture.


  • In Team Battles, Big Daddy's teammate(s) will still be able to walk, jump, and run, completely unaffected by the Super.
  • Using Flood on Columbia unlocks the trophy "I Chose The Impossible", a reference to the famous speech of Andrew Ryan from the original BioShock. Also, the trophy of the same name can be obtained in the original BioShock by completing the game on Survivor difficulty without using a Vita-chamber.
  • Using Flood in certain stages at precise moments will make swimming characters appear in the background.
    • In Hades, the Patapon Tribes will appear if the player uses it after the stage mash-up.
    • In Metropolis, the boxes appear to be floating on the background and so is Captain Qwark.
    • In Time Station, Specter followed by two Pipo Monkeys will appear during one of the random mash-ups caused by Specter itself.
    • In San Francisco, one or two Chimera Soldiers will appear.
    • In Columbia, two Vox Populi members will appear if the super is used right at the beginning of the level. When Dollface's Iron Maiden has already appeared, her face will be seen instead.
    • In Dreamscape, Buzz (even after he is deleted) will float around whenever the super is activated.
    • In The Graveyard, The Gargoyle will hold his breath when underwater, and a zombie will also attempt to swim in the background.
  • A glitch may occur upon activation in which the very first attack is a regular attack and does not instant kill.
  • The music during Big Daddy's Level 3 Super could be based off of "BioShock Main Theme (The Ocean On His Shoulders)" from BioShock (2007).
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