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Killzone is a sci-fi first person shooter series, made exclusively for Sony Computer Entertainment's (SCE) video game consoles. The series is developed by Guerrilla Games, a subsidiary of SCE.[1]

Series description[]

The series follows several different soldiers of the ISA faction as they attempt to fight off attacks and defeat the Helghast Army. The main protagonists are Captain Jan Templar (Killzone, Killzone: Liberation), Sgt. Tomas "Sev" Sevchenko (Killzone 2, Killzone 3), Arran Danner (Killzone Mercenary), and Shadow Marshal Lucas Kellan (Killzone Shadow Fall). The main antagonist of the series is Scolar Visari. The series is well known mainly for it's outstanding visuals and realistic weighty feel to it's movement and gunplay. The series is somewhat unique in that the enemy Helghast are much more recognizable than the protagonists in the series, and tend to serve as the mascot for the series (similar to Resistance's Chimera and BioShock's Big Daddy). This is most likely the reason for including Colonel Radec in the game, over one of the main characters.

Connection With All-Stars[]



  • While most of the games are first-person, Killzone: Liberation is the only game in Third-person.


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