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|Isaac opens a hatch on a ship as he and all opponents are sucked into the vaccuum of space. He will then fly around and shoot at them, and there will also be flying debris that he can shoot and bounce off of.
|Isaac opens a hatch on a ship as he and all opponents are sucked into the vaccuum of space. He will then fly around and shoot at them, and there will also be flying debris that he can shoot and bounce off of.

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Level 3 Supers are the strongest move a character has. When a player starts using the attack, all the opponents' AP meters are disabled for use. Although the player has to fill the 3 AP meters competely, it's worth it since Level 3's kill all opponents and are either very hard to avoid or impossible to get away from. During Timed Match, the timer freezes when it's active so the user can have time to score more kills consecutively. Using Level 3 Supers, the player can score a maximum or 3, 6 or 9 kills, depending on the Super used.

List of Level 3 SupersEdit

Icon Description Music

Rage of the Gods  (Kratos)Edit

Karrotoast Kratos dons the Armor of Ares and grows to giant mode where he can easily take out opponents with the Blade of Olympus.
Level 3 Super - Kratos (Rage of the Gods)

Doom Box ft. PaRappa!!! (PaRappa)Edit

Parappteee PaRappa enter's Cool Mode and raps a song that knocks out everyone on the screen.
Level 3 Super - PaRappa (Doom Box ft. PaRappa!!!)

Protect the Princess! (Fat Princess)Edit

Frtprincerss Fat Princess calls forth her villagers to battle for her as she sits and eats cake.
Level 3 Super - Fat Princess (Protect the Princess!)

The Rise of Mecha Tooth (Sweet Tooth)Edit

Cvbnmnbv Sweet Tooth summons parts from his ice-cream truck to transform into Sweet-Bot.
Level 3 Super - Sweet Tooth (The Rise of Mecha Tooth)

StA-X6 Jetpack (Colonel Radec)Edit

Radected Radec uses a Helghan jetpack to fly into the air and shoot opponents in the first-person view.
Level 3 Super - Colonel Radec (StA-X6 Jetpack)

Recon Sly and His Targets (Sly Cooper)Edit

Bcomm Sly uses his Binocucom, with Bentley's help, to take pictures of opponents, killing them. Snapshots are limited.
Level 3 Super - Sly Cooper (Recon Sly and His Targets)

El Dorado Sarcophagus (Nathan Drake)Edit

Draketor The El Dorado sarcophogus appears and the opponents turn into Descendants. Drake uses Eddy Raja's Golden Gun to instantly knock out opponents.
Level 3 Super - Nathan Drake (El Dorado Sarcophagus)

Electric Tornado (Cole MacGrath)Edit

Rftgh Cole flies into the foreground and controls an Ionic Vortex. To finish the attack off, he fires off an Ionic Storm.
Level 3 Super - Cole Macgrath (Electric Tornado)

The Beast Awakens! (Evil Cole MacGrath)Edit

Dabestdeast Evil Cole summons The Beast and transforms into Beast Cole, gaining a power boost and change in moveset. He is also able to quickly move around the stage in a gliding manner, but is still affected by gravity.
Level 3 Super - Evil Cole (The Beast Awakens!)

Flight of the Aphelion (Ratchet & Clank)Edit

Tsdzhjxf Ratchet & Clank hop into Aphelion and can shoot at opponents from a first-person perspective.
Level 3 Super - Ratchet & Clank (Flight of the Aphelion)

Light Jak (Jak and Daxter)Edit


Jak turns into Light Jak, allowing him to fly, boost-fly, fire blasts of light ECO, slow down his opponents, and summon his light shield to ram into opponents with.

Level 3 Super - Jak & Daxter (Light Jak)

Flood (Big Daddy)Edit

Jhgfd Big Daddy fills the stage with water and slows the opponents down as he is free to swim and instantly knock out opponents. In this mode, all of Big Daddy`s moves trigger a charge attack.
Level 3 Super - Big Daddy (Flood)

Devil Trigger Unleashed (Dante)Edit

Dviltggr Dante turns into his Devil Trigger form and alters the gravity for all opponents. In this form, all attacks kill.
Level 3 Super - Dante (Devil Trigger Unleashed)

Rockets Away! (Heihachi Mishima)Edit

Spcshiops Heihachi chains all opponents to a rocket and sends them to the moon, while watching and laughing, knocking out everyone on the screen.
Level 3 Super - Heihachi (Rockets Away!)

The Goddess (Nariko)Edit

Finale Nariko wields the Heavenly Blades, allowing her to grab opponents and slam them against the sides of the stage. She can also defeat opponents by a series of quick slashes.
Level 3 Super - Nariko (The Goddess)

The Box Revengeance! (Raiden)Edit

Raideneddd Raiden's opponents hide in cardboard boxes, as his activates his visor. Opponents must crawl away to escape Raiden. Raiden can then proceed to slash open the boxes to find the other players and eliminate them. He can also cut apart players in the same manner as his level 2 super.
Level 3 Super - Raiden (The Box Revengeance!)

Prize Bubble Bonus (Sackboy)Edit

Xcvbnm, Sackboy transforms all opponents into prize bubbles which can be collected to kill enemies.
Level 3 Super - Sackboy (Prize Bubble Bonus)

Anubis Stone (Sir Daniel Fortesque)Edit

Lvl3dan Sir Daniel opens a treasure chest and finds the Anubis Stone. After he assembles the pieces, a large green field appears around him. Anyone he catches in the field is struck by green electricity and is knocked out if they stay in the field for too long.
Level 3 Super - Sir Daniel Fortesque (Anubis Stone)

Super Laser Cannon (Spike)Edit

Spiketehfgnfd Spike causes a laser to shoot down from a satellite, knocking out all opponents on the screen.
Level 3 Super - Spike (Super Laser Cannon)

Toro's dream comes true ^o^ (Toro Inoue)Edit

Ggyuytyuit Toro uses Raging Oni, a parody of Akuma's (Street Fighter) Raging Demon, knocking out everyone on the screen.
Level 3 Super - Toro (Toro's dream comes true ^o^)

Gravity Panther (Kat)Edit

Katlvl4 Kat surrounds herself with a black cat shroud. She will then go around slashing her opponents with her claws.
Level 3 Super - Kat (Gravity Panther)

The Hawk (Emmett Graves)Edit

Dahawk Emmett leaps inside his Hawk, a huge battle suit equipped with an array of lethal armament, and can kill opponents using two machine guns, air mines, stomping on opponents. He can manually end the super by automatically firing bombs in flight mode.
Level 3 Super - Emmett Graves (The Hawk)

Wrath of Zeus (Zeus)Edit

Zeuslvl3333333 Zeus will teleport the opponents to Mount Olympus and grow to gigantic size, allowing him to crash his hands onto the stage and emit large surges of lightning in the air or on the ground, killing any opponents in his path.
Level 3 Super - Zeus (Wrath of Zeus)

Dead Space (Isaac Clarke)Edit

Lvler3 Isaac opens a hatch on a ship as he and all opponents are sucked into the vaccuum of space. He will then fly around and shoot at them, and there will also be flying debris that he can shoot and bounce off of.
Level 3 Super - Isaac Clarke (Dead Space)


  • Sir Dan's Level 3 Super
  • Fat Princess Level 3 Super
  • Radec's Level 3 Super
  • Kratos' Level 3 Super
  • Sly's Level 3 Super
  • Drake's Level 3 Super
  • Big Daddy Level 3 Super
  • Toro Level 3 Super
  • Heihachi's Level 3 Super
  • Dante's Level 3 Super
  • Sweet Tooth's Level 3 Super
  • Spikes Level 3 Super
  • Sackboy's Level 3 Super
  • Cole's Level 3 Super
  • Evil Cole's Level 3 Super
  • Jaksuper3.gif Jak's Level 3 Super
  • PaRappa's Level 3 Super
  • Raiden's Level 3 Super
  • Ratchet's Level 3 Super
  • Nariko's Level 3 Super
  • Emmett's Level 3 Super
  • Kat's Level 3 Super
  • Isaac's Level 3 Super
  • Zeus Level 3 Super
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