Logan Graves is one of the main characters in Starhawk. He is Emmett Graves' deceased brother, and is the primary antagonist of Starhawk, as he was highly exposed to Rift Energy, as seen in the beginning cutscenes of the game, and becoming the leader of the Scabs under the name of "The Outlaw." He appears as a DLC Minion in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale and as a DLC costume, named Outlaw, for Emmett Graves.


Logan Graves is Emmett Graves's brother and is the leader of an Outcast warband after being exposed to Rift Energy. Not much else is known about him, other than Emmett trying to track him down.

Alternate ColorsEdit

  • Light brown armor and pants
  • Red armor and pants
  • Black armor and pants
  • White armor and pants

Connection with All-StarsEdit

  • He appears as a Downloadable Minion that can be purchased for $0.49. However you can also buy him in a small pack of $1.99 or along with all the other minions for the price of $4.99.
  • He appears as a DLC costume for Emmett Graves.
  • He is mentioned in the intro of Emmett's arcade story.



  • Even though his name is Logan Graves, Emmett 's costume is named "Outlaw" as a reference to his title "The Outlaw".
    • He is also referred to as "The Outlaw" in the intro to Emmett's arcade.
  • Both Emmett and Kratos have their brother as their Alternate Costume, also both of their brothers die in the end of the game they only appeared in.
    • Deimos, in Ghost of Sparta after being mortally wounded by Thanatos during the final battle, who eventually is killed by Kratos.
    • Logan, in the final battle in Starhawk, after his body was sucked in by the rift energy and turning him into a huge, monstrous, Rift entity, which Emmett defeats, but Logan is lost forever. But, Emmett says his soul is at peace.
  • This is the second outcast costume in Playstation All-Stars, the first is Sweet Tooth's Outcast

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