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Medusa's Gaze is an Epic Item hailing from the God of War franchise. It is the severed head of Medusa, Queen of the Gorgons. Despite being seen in gameplay footage leading up to All-Stars release, the item was missing from its initial release. It was subsequently put into the game in patch 1.03.

Connection With All-Stars[]

Medusa's Gaze turns enemies into stone, which can be shattered afterward to score kills, making it the only item to do so. It has a large range, able to effect any players in front of its user.


  • When Medusa's Gaze freezes a player, they may be killed by stage hazards. This is the only known instance in which a death by stage hazards can occur.
  • If one repeatedly mashes any of the attack buttons, the player can break out of Medusa's Gaze before the alotted time ends, just like in God of War.
  • If a player dodges Medusa's Gaze and attacks a player who fell victim to the item, it will count as their kill, despite not being the one who used the item.
  • Although the item is called Medusa's Gaze, the head more closely resembles Medusa's sister, Euryale.
  • In God of War II, pieces of tendons and gore would hang from the head after Kratos rips it off. Because All-Stars is only T-rated, the gore is removed, smoothing out the bottom of the head.
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