The following characters were mentioned or referred to at some point in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale but do not actually make a physical appearance.

List of Mentioned CharactersEdit

Character Game Franchise Notes
Calypso Twisted Metal Mentioned in Sweet Tooth's opening and ending.
King Bohan Heavenly Sword Mentioned in Nariko's ending.
Lawrence Ratchet & Clank Dr. Nefarious calls out for Lawrence near the end of the San Francisco stage.
Metal Heads Jak and Daxter Mentioned in one of Jak's Successful KO quotes and in one of the Buzz! Trivia Questions.
Tess Jak and Daxter Indirectly referred to in Jak's ending.
Keira Jak and Daxter Mentioned in one of Jak's respawn quotes by Daxter.
Pecker Jak and Daxter Mentioned in Jak and Daxter's You're going down taunt.
Elizabeth BioShock Mentioned in one of the Buzz! Trivia Questions.


Jak and Daxter Mentioned by Daxter in Jak's Level 3.
The King Fat Princess Mentioned in Fat Princess's bio and opening.
Sunny Funny PaRappa the Rapper Mentioned in one of the Buzz! Trivia Questions and one of PaRappa's successful KO quotes.
Gods of Olympus God of War Mentioned in Kratos and Zeus' intro and ending, and occasionally when Kratos picks up a weapon.
Athena God of War Mentioned occasionally when Kratos respawns.
Gaia God of War Mentioned occasionally when Kratos respawns.
The Titans God of War Mentioned occasionally when Zeus gets a KO or respawns.
Solid Snake Metal Gear Mentioned in Raiden's bio.
Space Pirates Ratchet & Clank Mentioned in Ratchet's opening.
Harry Flynn Uncharted Mentioned in one of Drake's respawn quotes.
Mishima family Tekken Mentioned in Heihachi's intro.
The Demons Devil May Cry Mentioned in Dante's intro, rival battle, and ending. 
Necromorphs Dead Space

Mentioned in Isaac's intro and rival battle.

Moja Army LocoRoco Mentioned in one of the Buzz! Trivia Questions.
Emma Emmerich Metal Gear Mentioned in one of the Buzz! Trivia Questions.
Eddy Gordo Tekken Mentioned in one of the Buzz! Trivia Questions.
Roger Tekken Mentioned in one of the Buzz! Trivia Questions.
Jin Kazama Tekken Mentioned in one of the Buzz! Trivia Questions.

Mentioning QuotesEdit

  • "My pathetic family and their weaknesses will have to wait." - Heihachi Mishima, during his intro (may be referring mainly to Kazuya and Jin, who have larger roles in the Tekken series).
  • "And if Calypso or anyone else wonders what I can do on my own, I'm gonna answer them now." - Sweet Tooth, during his intro.
  • "Come on Pal! If there were any gold bolts out here, space pirates woud've picked 'em up by now." - Ratchet, during his intro.
  • "You think the demons would know better by now, they must be as dumb as they are ugly." - Dante, during his rival scene.
  • "Not life... necromorphs... are abominations... living dead. " - Isaac Clarke, during his rival scene.
  • "But wait'll Calypso gets a load of my new upgrades! Oh, man! He's never gonna know what hit him!!" - Sweet Tooth, during his ending.
  • "Bohan! You've lost already. I am Nariko. I am your doom!" - Nariko during her ending.
  • "Why does Olympus aid me?" - Kratos when he picks up an item.
  • "I have forbidden the gods from interfering in the affairs of mortals. Olympus must remain removed from the clamor below." - Zeus in his intro.
  • "Athena's ghost be with me." - Kratos when respawning.
  • "The Titans fell before me and so shall you!" - Zeus when respawning.
  • "Gaia's maker..." - Kratos when respawning.
  • "Easier than those Metal heads." -Jak, when successfully killing an opponent.
  • "Keira says to be careful, remember?" -Daxter, during Jak's respawn.
  • "I know a certain girl wearing a certain pair of pants I'm long overdue to see." - Daxter, during Jak's ending, indirectly referring to Tess.
  • "Worthy of Hephesteus." - Zeus, when he picks up an item.
  • "Time to go Precursor on 'em!" - Daxter, during Jak's Level 3 Super.
  • "In like Flynn. Ha ha, get it? Uh, nevermind..." - Nathan Drake, during respawn.
  • "I wish Sunny Funny saw what I did." - PaRappa, when KO-ing an opponent.
Non-Playable Characters
Agents of Doom · Alias · Andrew Ryan · Ares · Ashelin Praxis · Athena · Axel · Azimuth · Bakuki · Baron Praxis · The Beast · Bentley · Boxxy Boy · Boy of Silence · Buzz · Captain Qwark · Carmelita Fox · Charu · Chimera Soldiers · Chloe Frazer · Chop Chop Master Onion · Ciokina · Colonel Noodle · Colossus of Rhodes · Cronos · Curtis the Panda · Descendants · Dollface · Dr. Nefarious · Echo Team · Elena Fisher · Elizabeth · Ellie Langford · Eucadian Soldier · Gargoyle · Goliath · Hades · Hairdresser Octopus · Handyman · Hannah · Harpy · Helghan Army · Humpty Dumpty · Hydra · Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler · Instructor Mooselini · Iron Maiden · ISA · ISA Intruder · Jasmine · Joe Chin · John Carver · Joseph Bertrand · Kai · Kat (Devil May Cry) · Katy Kat · Keira Hagai · HellCat cruiser · King Hydra · Kiya · Kotamanegis · Kulche · Kuma · Kuro · Lammy · Lil · Little Sister · Logan Graves · Lord Palethorn · Lucy Kuo · Lurker Shark · Ma-San · MC King Kong Mushi · Metal Gear RAY · Motorized Patriot · Mr. Grimm · Mr. Zurkon · Murray · Narrator · Natalie · Nathan Hale · Nathan the Koala · Negativitron · Nevi · Nick · Nix · Nyokki · Patapons · Pecker · Pierre · Pipo Monkey · Pipotron G · PJ Berri · Polygonal All-Stars · Polygon Man · Poseidon · Preacher · Prince Fleaswallow · The Professor · Racer · Raven · Ricardo Velasquez · Sackbot · Sam · Samos Hagai · Sasha · Satan · Scolar Visari · Sebastian Wolfe · Sentinel · Soldiers · Songbird · Specter · Sunny Funny · Suzuki · Sweet Tooth (Vehicle) · Syd · Sydney Cutter · Synthenoid · Tactician Drone · Tag · Talon · Torn · Turbo Cannon · Veger · Vermin · Villagers · Victor Sullivan · Vox Populi · Warhawk Ship · White Swan · Xenegote · Yunica · Zarok · Zeke · Zoni

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