PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (プレイステーション オールスター・バトルロイヤル), is a crossover platform fighting game released for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. It was developed at SuperBot Entertainment along with SCE Santa Monica Studios and was published by Sony Computer Entertainment.[2][3] It was released on November 20, 2012 in North America, November 21, 2012 in Europe, November 22, 2012 in Australia, November 23, 2012 in the United Kingdom, and January 31, 2013 in Japan.


Originally, prior to its announcement, there were rumors of a PlayStation crossover game under the name of Title Fight. These rumors were supplied by leaked images of Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal and Kratos from God of War.[4] Soon a survey, leaked by PlayStation Lifestyle, provided the official name PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. The game was officially revealed on Game Trailers TV on April 26, 2012 and will be developed by SuperBot Entertainment.[5]

A version for the PlayStation Vita was mentioned at the E3 2012 showing. Cross-connecting with a PlayStation 3 console will yield bonus unlockable content.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will be one of the games available in Sony's new "Cross-Buy" feature, where if one buys the PlayStation 3 version, the PlayStation Vita will be available at no extra cost for download.

Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score
GameRankings (PS3) 75.83%[43]

(Vita) 71.67%[44]

Metacritic (PS3) 74/100[45]

(Vita) 75/100[46]

Review scores
Publication Score C[47]
Computer and Video Games 6.8/10[48]
Electronic Gaming Monthly 7.5/10[49]
Eurogamer 7/10[50]
G4 4/5[51]
Game Informer 7.5/10[52]
Game Revolution [53]
GameSpot 6.5/10[54]
GamesRadar [55]
GameTrailers 7.3/10[56]
IGN 8/10[57]
Official PlayStation Magazine(UK) 6/10[58] 6/10[59]


In PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, up to four players fight on screen using characters from various PlayStation franchises. Every character in the game has their own combat style and a super move or three that can be unleashed when a meter reaches its full potential from landing attacks to build AP (All-Star Power), which is used to score K.O.s. The fighting style plays similar to Nintendo's popular fightning series, Super Smash Bros. (this type of fighting game is known as a Mascot Fighter in certain circles). Blocking and rolling, as well as usage of items are also included. However, the system of building up meter to use a special move to score points is unique to the game.

Around 24 different moves can be done with each character. Although it depends on the game the character comes from, usually Square button moves are basic melee attacks (an example of this are Cole's Amp combos; an exception is Isaac's Plasma Cutter shooting), Triangle button moves are ranged or strong attacks (an example of ranged attacks are Ratchet's long ranged weapons and of strong attacks are Fat Princess' Ballerina moves; an exception are Heichachi's kicks), and Circle button moves are unique moves with special properties; such as counters, traps, the summoning of support characters, additional movement mechanics, stunning or confusing moves, etc. (an example of this is Sweet Tooth's land mine or Kratos' wings). All characters have four of each button move, with 4 on ground each and 4 in midair each as well (though despite some moves being aerial versions of a grounded move, some moves may actually a different attack in midair; one move may be different followups, and so forth). Also, the right thumbstick can be used to throw opponents (which cannot be blocked), but unlike attacking, and like attacking with an item, it forces AP to be dropped by an opponent hit by the throw (though AP gain doesn't happen on a connecting throw for the user).

Stages in the game are inspired by two different franchises for each stage. The stages will interact with the player by changing the landscape or posing a threat.

There is also system called the Infinite Avoidance System. Once a combo reaches a certain AP threshold, this system activates. It breaks a character out of a combo into an invincible aerial state.[6] This tends to vary for each character depending on their playstyle as a balance.

The game features a traditional single-player arcade mode, in which players must defeat several randomly-selected opponents, followed by a character-specific rival battle and, ultimately, a battle against the game's main antagonist and final boss, Polygon Man. Multiplayer modes include time-based matches, where players compete to achieve the most kills within a time limit, stock based matches, where players attempt to be the last one standing, and kill-limit matches, where players compete to be the first to reach a certain number of kills. The game also features a single-player challenge mode, in which players attempt to complete specific objectives.


Kratost Parappat Fat pt Sweet tootht
Kratost2 Parappat2 Fat pt2 Sweet tootht2

Radect Slyt Drake Colet
Radect2 Slyt2 Draket2 Coletfff

Evilcolet Ratchet and clankt Jak and daxtert Bigdaddyt
Coletfff Ratchet and clankt2 Jak and daxtert2 Bigdaddyt2

Dantet Heihachit Narikot Raident
Dantet2 Heihachit2 Narikot2 Raident2

Sackboyt Sirdant Spiket Toro inouet
Sackboyt2 Sirdant2 Spiket2 Toro inouet2


Katt Emmettt Zeus Isaact
Katt2 Emmettt2 Zeustt2 Isaact2


Hadest  Metropolist
Dreamscapet  Sandovervillaget
Dreamscapet2Dreamscapet3  Sandovervillaget2Sandovervillaget3

Invasiont  Aldens towert
Invasiont2Invasiont3  Aldens towert2Aldens towert3

Stowawayst  Parist
Stowawayst2Stowawayst3  Parist2Paris3

Dojot  Sanfranciscot
Dojot2Dojot3  Sanfranciscot2Metropolist2

Timestationt  Franzeat
Timestationt2Timestationt3  Franzeat2Franzeat3

Columbiat  Blackrockstadiumt
Columbiat2Columbiat3  Blackrockstadiumt2Blackrockstadiumt3

Rival arenat  Bossarenat
Rival arenat2  Rival arenat2


Fearlesst  Graveyardt
Fearlesst2Fearlesst3  Graveyardt2Graveyardt3

Practice Stages

Icon PracSm1STGIcon PracSm2STGIcon PracMed1STG
Practice Small 1 Practice Small 2 Practice Medium 1
Icon PracMed2STGIcon PracLar1STGIcon PracLar2STG
Practice Medium 2 Practice Large 1 Practice Large 2


Axei Bootssii Dvtlsri Fusnbmbi
Axei2 Btshrms2 Gnzidi Razrclwsi2

Frzmsleri Grvtyshldi Grtssyti Hdghgndi
Frzmssli Grtyshldi Grtmtysyti2 Hdghgndi2

Beeeisi Lchbmi Rflei2 Mgazei
Beesi2 Grtyshldi Rfle2 Btshrms2

Crowmurderi Nantcrti Razrclwsi Sncrifti
Crowmurderi2 Razrclwsi2 Razrclwsi2 Sncrifti2

Rpgi Sackboti Sprdestni Sturgeon
Rpgi2 Sackboti2 Btshrms2 Rpgi2

Potential sequel/Spin-Off

In an interview with Shuhei Yoshida after E3 2013, Shuhei said "never say never", hoping there would be a future for the game. He also commented he'd "like to see us come back to the idea, but "maybe not the same mechanic".[42]

A free-to-play minigame collection, PlayStation All-Stars Island, was released for iOS in summer 2013 as a cross-promotion with Coke Zero and later made available for Android. The game is only available in specific European territories.[66]


  • In the game's opening video, the most iconic parts of the characters glow, since they aren't visible against the poorly lit background:
    • Jak's scarf, the red in his goggles, and the yellow of his Gyro Burster.
    • Ratchet's Nav unit, the blue of his Constructo Pistol, and Clank's eyes.
    • Nathan Drake's gun holster.
    • The golden tip of Sly's cane.
    • Fat Princess's crown.
    • Good Cole and Evil Cole's forearms (charged with electricity).
    • The gold trims of Sir Daniel's armor.
    • Radec's eyes.
    • Sackboy's zipper and Popit.
    • Big Daddy and Little Sister's eyes.
    • Nariko's hair.
    • The red strips of Dante's jacket.
    • Heihachi's belt.
    • Toro's headband.
    • The red in Spike's jacket and the blue in his monkey-catching gear.
    • PaRappa's beanie.
    • Raiden's High Frequency Blade and lights on his armor.
    • Sweet Tooth's flame hair.
    • Kratos' red tattoos. 
  • This marks the first time PaRappa, Sly, Radec, Sackboy, Zeus, Isaac and Big Daddy have been in a T rated game.
    • This also marks Ratchet's first appearance in a T rated game since Ratchet: Deadlocked (2005).
    • The rivalry of Heihachi/Toro is reminiscent of Street Fighter X Tekken.
  • This is the only PlayStation 3 appearance of PaRappa, Spike, and Sir Daniel.



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