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Resistance is a sci-fi/first person shooter series developed exclusively for PlayStation consoles by Insomniac Games.

Series description[]

The series depicts an alternate take on history and more specificaly WWII. Instead of fighting against the Nazis, the player tries to take down an evil species of aliens known as the Chimera. The first entry of the series Resistance: Fall of Man, was the most successful launch title for the PlayStation 3, making it the console's first title to sell over a million copies.

The series is best known for its unique weapons, that has become a staple of Insomniac Games. Players can use both human and Chimera weapons, both having unique and special secondary uses and affects. Similar to the Killzone series, the main mascot faction of Resistance are its enemies, the Chimera, and are often displayed on game covers and throughout the media, rather than the different protagonists. This is probably due to their grotesque and memorable appearance, and their consistency throughout the series.

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