Result screens are the showing of the characters when the match is concluded after all of the outros are finished. Like outros, the characters are shown either celebrating their victory or looking defeated.

List of Result ScreensEdit


Win: Looks at the screen with angry expession.

Lose: Looks down.

Sweet ToothEdit

Win: Looks at the camera.

Lose: Has both hands on his head, possibly in pain.

Fat PrincessEdit

Win: Happily looks to both sides with left hand behind her head and her right hand waving.

Lose: Has both hands by face, weeping.

Sly CooperEdit

Win: Smiles and winks at the camera.

Lose: Looks down with a sad and disappointed face.

Colonel RadecEdit

Win: Looks at the screen with hand in the air.

Lose: Looks down.


Win: Dances in a circle, does the splits, then raises his hand and does the peace sign.

Lose: Has both hands together with a sad expression.

Nathan DrakeEdit

Win: Looks at the camera.

Lose: Body and head facing the side.

Big DaddyEdit

Win: Facing the screen with drill moving.

Lose: Looks to the side, with hand on head.

Heihachi MishimaEdit

Win: Looks at the camera in fighting stance.

Lose: Sitting down with back to the camera

Toro InoueEdit

Win: Waves his arms in joy.

Lose: Crosses his arms, either with a sad or angry face.

Jak & DaxterEdit

Win: Daxter prances around Jak's waist (barely visible given how the win box is staged), and Jak laughs as Dax jumps up onto his shoulder.

Lose: Jak lies unconcious on the ground as Daxter worridly stands on top of him.

Cole MacGrathEdit

Win: Stands smiling.

Lose: Hand on his neck in defeat.


Win: Stands triumphantly and smiles, occassionally brushing his shoulder.

Lose: Turns his back to the camera.

Ratchet & ClankEdit

Win: Ratchet looks at the camera while holding Suck Cannon, occassionally looking behind his back at Clank.

Lose: Looks down with his hand by his eyes.


Win: Dances with arms in the air, moving side from left to right.

Lose: Hangs head with sad face, crying.


Win: Stands with a happy face, his arms to his sides in a triumpant pose.

Lose: Looks down with a sad face, occassionally sniffling.

Evil Cole MacGrathEdit

Win: Looks at screen, holding amp as electricity flows through arms.

Lose: In kneeling position defeated, electricity flows through arms.


Win: Stands holding his sword with one hand, looking at the camera, occassionally with electricity flowing through him.

Lose: Looks down with sword in one hand, occassionally with electricity flowing through him.


Win: Looks at camera with sword in her hands pointed at it.

Lose: Kneels, holding the sword, which is planted in the ground.

Sir Daniel FortesqueEdit

Win: Dan bashfully does a little dance, circling his arms around and leaning from left to right.

Lose: Dan, with his arms folded, glares angrilly to the side.

Kat & DustyEdit

Win: Floats around while holding Dusty, smiling.

Lose: Looks disappointed, will occassionally wipe her eyes and look to the right.

Emmett GravesEdit

Win: Stands holding gun over his shoulder.

Lose: Has back to the screen.

Isaac ClarkeEdit

Win: Isaac holds his plasma cutter by his head while looking at the screen.

Lose: Issac's helmet is seen floating in clockwise circles, within zero gravity.


Win: Stands with a lightning bolt in his hand.

Lose: Looks away from the camera.



  • PaRappa's, Fat Princess', Toro's, Jak & Daxter's, Sackboy's, Sir Daniel's, and Kat's winning result screens show them moving.
  • Ratchet's winning result screen is similar to the box art of the first game's NA release.
  • Toro is the only character in the game with more than one expression during his losing results screen.
  • Fat Princess', Spike's, Sackboy's, and Kat's losing result screens show them crying.
  • Sir Daniel is the only character who is shown to be angry instead of disappointed or sad.
    • Toro will sometimes look angry during his losing result screen, but depending on which outro is chosen, he'll appear sad instead.
  • Heihachi's, Dante's, and Emmett's losing result screens have them turning their backs to the screen.
  • Kat's losing screen is similar to how Kat interacts with people when she starts a conversation when sad or disappointed.
  • Jak and Daxter's losing result screen is a reference to the death scenes in Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy and Jak 3.
  • Isaac Clarke is the only character implied to have died after losing the match.
    • It is most likely that though Jak is lying down if he loses, he is probably just unconscious.
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