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Rivals are characters that each character will meet in their arcade mode. Rivalries are entirely mutual, and they are all based around an Easter Egg, which, in this case, happens to be a bit of information, be it well-known or little known, regarding the two characters and/or their franchises. For instance, Dante's rival is Nariko, and that also means that Nariko's rival is Dante, and the fact that the two are rivals is because Dante's new game, DMC, and Heavenly Sword were developed by Ninja Theory.

Confirmed Rivalries

Character Rival
Kratos Sweet Tooth
Sweet Tooth Kratos
Fat Princess Evil Cole MacGrath
Sly Cooper Nathan Drake
Colonel Radec Sir Daniel Fortesque
PaRappa Spike
Nathan Drake Sly Cooper
Big Daddy Sackboy
Heihachi Mishima Toro Inoue
Toro Inoue Heihachi Mishima
Jak and Daxter Ratchet & Clank
Cole MacGrath Raiden
Ratchet & Clank Jak and Daxter
Spike PaRappa
Dante Nariko
Sackboy Big Daddy
Evil Cole MacGrath Fat Princess
Raiden Cole MacGrath
Nariko Dante
Sir Daniel Fortesque Colonel Radec
Emmett Graves Kat
Isaac Clarke Zeus