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Rockets Away!
Used by Heihachi Mishima
Super Level Lvl3.png
Type Sdfg.png

Rockets Away! (also named Blast Off!) is based off of Heihachi's ending from Tekken 5, in which he straps his family, consisting of Jin (grandson), Kazuya (son) and Jinpachi (father), to a rocket and launches them into space.


Connection with All-Stars
Rockets Away! appears as Heihachi's Level 3 Super. It acts in the same manner as his ending from Tekken 5. All opponents are strapped to a rocket and launched into orbit. Heihachi is seen watching through binoculars and laughs manically after lowering them.

Some of the characters struggle of escape their fate, but to no avail. Some of the accept their fate. And some of them don't know what's going on.


  • Level 3 Cutscene Supers, like Heihachi's, can still be used even when some opponents are not in play after they were killed. But these opponents will not be seen tied and get killed by the user. It is to prevent unfair deaths which is to be killed before the character even respawns.
  • Some characters have unique positions when being tied to the rocket, such as Sir Daniel tied sideways or Nathan Drake tied on his foot and hangs upside down. Cole and some other characters are seen in the same position as Jesus Christ when he was crucified, and Raiden is in the same pose he is captured in the final part of Metal Gear Solid 2.
  • While doing it on Zeus, one of the chains around his hand is very wide.



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