Stages in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale all have a crossover/fusion element in which two or more series under the Playstation brand come together to make a new stage with new hazards. Stages may also have these hazards turned off. There are 18 stages in total, 14 avaliable from start, 2 DLC, 1 by Update, and 1 by Arcade. Considering the training stages, there are 24 stages in total. 6 More unused training stages have been datamined.

Main StagesEdit

Hadest  Metropolist
Hadest2Hadest3  Metropolist2Metropolist3

Dreamscapet  Sandovervillaget
Dreamscapet2Dreamscapet3  Sandovervillaget2Sandovervillaget3

Invasiont  Aldens towert
Invasiont2Invasiont3  Aldens towert2Aldens towert3

Stowawayst  Parist
Stowawayst2Stowawayst3  Parist2Paris3

Dojot  Sanfranciscot
Dojot2Dojot3  Sanfranciscot2Sanfranciscot3

Timestationt  Franzeat
Timestationt2Timestationt3  Franzeat2Franzeat3

Columbiat  Blackrockstadiumt
Columbiat2Columbiat3  Blackrockstadiumt2Blackrockstadiumt3

Rival arenat  Bossarenat
Rival arenat2  Rival arenat2


Fearlesst  Graveyardt
Fearlesst2Fearlesst3  Graveyardt2Graveyardt3

Training StagesEdit

Practice S0
PM1 Layout
PL Layout
Practice Small 1 Practice Medium 1 Practice Large 1
Practice S1
PM2 Layout
PL2 Layout
Practice Small 2 Practice Medium 2 Practice Large 2
PS3 Layout
PM3 Layout
PL 3
Practice Small 3 (Unused) Practice Medium 3 (Unused) Practice Large 3 (Unused)
PS4 Layout
PM4 Layout
PL4 Layout
Practice Small 4 (Unused) Practice Medium 4 (Unused) Practice Large 4 (Unused)


Artwork by John WuEdit



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