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The Graveyard is a DLC stage in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale based on MediEvil and The Unfinished Swan.[1]


The stage starts in the graveyard from MediEvil. Caskets constantly rise from the background and produce zombies. If the the casket is blown up by the statue before the zombies are released, then the casket will drop AP. When the White Swan appears, the background will fade to white as in The Unfinished Swan. Ink blots will then splatter onto the background to create platforms when the whiteout ends. The statue of the King and the city from The Unfinished Swan will appear in the background when the first whiteout ends.

A Gargoyle statue from MediEvil: Resurrection appears near the foreground and will taunt and wisecrack at the players, producing a unique line of dialogue for some characters in the game.

Gargoyle's Taunts[]

  • Sir Daniel Fortesque: "Let's see how the hero of Gallowmere fares against opponents with a pulse."
  • Kratos: "No need to be so irate mate, it's not that bad being bald."
  • Fat Princess: "All hail her royal stoutness."
  • Sly Cooper: "Everyone check your pockets. There's a thieving raccoon about!"
  • Nathan Drake: "Better think twice about your plans, mister master thief. These tombs have already been plenty raided, thank you."
  • Cole MacGrath: "How is it you manage to bathe with abilities as shocking as yours, good sir?"
  • Jak: "Don't look now, mate, I think there's a mongoose on your shoulder."
  • Nariko: "You know what they say about redheads, don't you? They, uh... have red hair."
  • Dante: "While you are exceedingly cool, demon hunter, putting on a shirt and getting a job are that much cooler!"
  • Spike: "Surely it's past your bedtime, young man."
  • Toro: "Let me make one thing clear, feline; I am not a scratching post."

Characters Appearing in Stage[]


The Graveyard - MediEvil[]

The first phase of the stage's soundtrack is an original track based on "Lost Magic" by Andrew Barabas and Paul Arnold.

The Graveyard - The Unfinished Swan[]

The second phase transitions to a remix of "The Monument Falls" theme plays during the second transition of the stage which originates from The Unfinished Swan.

Both Phases[]





PS All-Stars Battle Royale History - The Graveyard (Stage)


  • The Graveyard and Rival Arena are the only non-Training stages that do not have any hazards.
  • The stage is based entirely off the level with the same name from the original game but in the style of the PSP Re-imagining, Dan's Crypt can been seen in the background, the spooky tree, the stone path, crypts on the left side including the church looking building that acts as a barrier and the Angel statue on the right of the stage also originate from this level. The re-imagining's version of the Graveyard looks completely different, while PSAS's stage is an identical remake of the original making PlayStation All-Stars the first remake of the level until 7 years later when MediEvil got remade on PS4 in 2019.
  • This also marks the first stage in which a character will actually speak of an individual playable character during the battle. This is in turn a reference to the fact that in the MediEvil games, the gargoyles would constantly make fun of Sir Daniel.
    • It is speculated that the Gargoyle's taunt towards Drake is a reference to the series Tomb Raider, which Uncharted takes some influence from (and features Lara Croft, who was one of the highly requested characters for PlayStation All-Stars).
  • During Big Daddy's Level 3 Super, the Gargoyle can be seen holding his breath underwater.
  • Since the "The Monument Falls" theme is playing, it can be assumed that the king is throwing the balls of paint (however Monroe, the protagonist of the game could be the one throwing the paint).
  • The Graveyard is the last DLC stage to be released and was supposed to be followed up with Hekseville from Gravity Rush, a stage that mashed up with another PSN indie title called Journey until it was cancelled.
  • The stage was going to be a bit different at one point during development, the Gargoyle statue was originally a background piece instead of an interactive setpiece, this can be seen on the stage's icon.
  • The red balloon seen in this stage can be knocked off the wooden frame, if a player slams the ground long enough the balloon will fly away. This is a reference to the same balloons Monroe collects by shooting paint at them.


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