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Warhawk is a game developed by SingleTrac for the PlayStation. It was later remade for the PlayStation 3 by Incognito Entertainment and SCE Santa Monica Studio. The game was published by Sony Computer Entertainment and its spiritual successor is the game Starhawk. Warhawk was also originally going to be part of a stage mashup in Title Fight before it was re-titled Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Connection with All-Stars[]

Warhawk was originally meant to crossover with the Uncharted franchise in a level inspired by the game Uncharted 2, but the level was scrapped. Warhawks from the game were to appear and fire upon the stage, destroying sections of the train that the players would have fought on until the players reached the engine, which would be blown up by the Warhawks, sending the players flying toward the screen. It is unknown what would've happened afterward.

In the finished game however, a Warhawk ship appears as one of the various hazards in the stage Time Station, where after appearing through the time portal, starts firing missiles at the players.

The Eucadian Soldier also appears as a minion.


Playstation_All-Stars_Battle_Royale_Warhawk-0 Playstation_All-Stars_Battle_Royale_Warhawk's_Eucadian_Soldier_Minion Playstation_All-Stars_Battle_Royale_Uncharted_2_&_Warhawk_Lost_Stage

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